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[You are not $newly_dropped_mental_disorder!]

Pepe at the computer

The internet people will often say that they are autistic or "nEuRoDiVerGenT", the later becoming a more common term as time passes by. Even sometimes, internet people will diagnose themselves with "social anxiety", "depression" or with another set of mental issues that I do not know nor care about. In reality, the majority of people DO NOT suffer from any of these problems as if those were genetically encoded into themselves. The truth has nothing to do with how individuals are, but with how society has developed into a soulless machine, where people can talk without really talking, and see without really seeing. And I mean this because people think that they are socializing when voice chatting with internet "friends". You are not talking. You are not seeing. All that is happening is you looking at the illusion of a computer screen.

This conglomerate of fakely self-diagnosed people, will never realize that in fact, those mental issues are just sprouts of an utterly rotten tree, which is modern society. Men are animals believing they are Men, and animals are not supposed to stare at a monitor screen 12 hours a day inside a blacked out room eating ultra processed food and drinking fluoride concoctions, and without any real human interaction. It is pure artificial madness, and in effect, it would be wise to say that those so called “mental disorders” are just unnatural anomalies in a postiche world. For an analogy, think about killer whales: it is extremely rare for these animals to intentionally kill a human being in a natural enviroment. On the contrary, they do kill human beings frequently when they are in captivity (aka being tortured). The artificial conditions of the enviroment twist the natural behavior of the animal. See the similarity with human beings?

Common behavior

Some usual behavior amongst these kind of people is also the craving for attention, which is a very feminine trait and which mostly derives from the lack of a paternal figure. They will constantly tell others about how sad, depressed or anxious (sometimes escalating to “wanting” to kill themselves) they are for which in reality are very mundane, stupid and easy to solve problems. Sometimes they even encourage others to feel the same way, kind of when a falling person tries to grab something to impede the fall, except that in this case this person intentionally jumps and pulls the object to an abyss. The modern man has a very thin layer of skin and will get very sensible if you ask him about what he thinks the origin of his problems might be and also point at the real cause of them, so be careful on the approach.

More so, these subjects have the tendency to masochistically degrade their minds even more by listening to pathetic, sad and overly melancholic music. Its as if their brains were already raped so many times that they gradually started to enjoy it. These “artists” are usually Billie Ellish, Lil Peep, or other ultra generic pseudo-edgy experiments that maliciously submerge their pressumably young audiences into fake induced sadness. Music is a form of propaganda and depending on the genre and the message it impacts positively or not unto the audience. Maybe this is obvious (and it should) to you but tell that to women shaking their asses while devolving into absolute baboons when empowered free woman signer tells them too. If song says you should be sad, you probably will.

When the time of solving the previously named problems comes, this group resorts to yet another package of artificial products of the same corrupt system. These products are the psychologists and the psychiatrists, each of them containing its respective badge of evilness. Most of the times, this symbiotic relationship operates in a pernicious manner, where the psychologist erroneously diagnoses an inexistent illness, he then derives the unlucky patient to the executioner: the psychiatrist, whom for a profit will commend the Pill™, pleasing his pharmaceutical masters as the good boy he is. Unfortunately, the chances of convincing a normie that the advice and intentions of people that have an academic degree are not always correct are very low, as everyone is so gullible and believe in anything except on what they are told not to believe in, which is absurdly ironic if you think about it. Added to that, that the majority of people believe that degree equals intelligence, when in reality the average IQ is of a decreasing 100 points and in most careers you only need persistence.

Pharma Honey

The pornographic factor

Internet people and offliners have internalized watching porn as if it was a totally normal thing. Whether we are talking of the first or the later, none of these people realize how humilliating it is to enclose yourself in a dark room just to coom to another man ramming down a woman. By definition, doing this makes you a cuck. One may ask, “but what if I coom to only naked women?”, and the answer is that it is still wrong. Only very disturbed degenerates find masturbation as something to be proud of, to advertise about and as something that needs justification. The deniers will go in a chain of mental gymnastics to justify that they want to masturbate to degenerate pixels. Simply, it doesn’t matter if you do it while watching hardcore porn or not, it is still fake, it reflects one’s lack of discipline and pushes you towards your animalistic instict. You can’t control it, it controls you because you are weak.

Going further, I’d risk to say that most people masturbarting to porn do it on a daily basis. Over the time, this becomes an addiction where the hyper stimulated brain craves for more stimulus while destroying its dopamine receptors. In consequence of the degradation, the coomer, while being unnable to saciate its fucked up brain’s apetite, begins to show symptoms of its degeneracy. While in some cases a number of them become only more vulgar in character (for example by making jokes that always involve sex), others manifest these so called “mental disorders”, which of course are states of mind precipitated by porn.

We could define porn as a scam where the coomer pays with energy and in exchange receives mental retardation. In such process, the computer makes the brain believe that he has found a sexual partner, showing the lonely man a catalog of pixelated whores that he can access to with a simple click. Finding a sexual partner is a natural imperative of a man as the animal he is: to procreate and extend its genetic material is one of the things that keep this biological and almatic machine moving forward. But having granted access to so many options with such little effort could only impact negatively unto this animal’s behavior. Eventually, the loner loses interest in having real interactions and succumbs to the illusion of the machine, sooner or later realizing that he has wasted his seed and has rampaged his brain to ashes till the point of no return.

Let it be clear that the argument is not that porn is the main cause of this problematic, but it is undoubtely a big catalyst. Despite this section being superficial (I plan on writing a more detailed article, in my limits of course), I think it is enough for someone to grasp or at least to begin to understand the big picture. More incisive questions on the matter, to go down the rabbit hole as it is commonly said in some circles, should include the people benefiting from it and those who own the industry (MindGeek). Remember that porn wasn’t a thing for thousand of years, just for some decades it has gradually become free, accepted, and very easy to access because of modern technology, where free is just an euphemism meaning you are the product.

Final note

To clarify and repeating, I am referring to a specific crescent demographic. I’ve seen depression in its real state from a very close perspective and I do believe that some people suffer from real mental issues, but I will always argue and mantain that this is just a minority which is also and undoubtely the consequence of a synthetic society. The main characteristic of this ill world is the augmenting denial of the metaphysical which leaves an existential void that people will hopelessly intend to fill with material things. From here, the character of humans furcates into various forms, be it a happy and hedonistic consumer or simply a sad nihilist, ultimately conforming a part of the same confused mass.

If you feel this text is directed to you and you disagree it is fine. But let me tell you something, you can’t find happiness in the place that you’ve losted it. Or rephrased, happiness is the only thing that can’t be found in the same place it has been lost. Also, find God, go outside, start lifting and stop wasting money and time on redundant solutions that will never really fix you. Its either that or keep coping.