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[POV on Cryptocurrency and Its Future]

Cryptocurrency is not what it seems to be. If you read Bitcoin’s whitepaper, you could tell that there is a divorce between the prognostic and the current. A simple conclusion should come out from observing the practices and motives of the gross majority of holders in the cryptosphere, where only a minute portion mantain certain coherency between the practical use and the fundamental idea. Generally, the introductory motives are mere capital gains which are hidden behind a big curtain of cope and lies. The most avid crypto maximalists, being the most obnoxious and credulous people in the circle, like to throw phrases out in the air such as “economical independence”, “financial sovereignty” and “decentralized transactions”, while arguing that they are fighting and more so winning against the traditional banks and the government. Sincerely, how idiotic it is to think that they are steps ahead of the most calculating, scheming and powerful institutions that exist in the world? The betrayal of the main philosophy in favor of the material gain, should be enough proof that they are not being so successful as it seems. If anything, the crescent influx of crypto users are responsibility of the super structure of banks, corporations, governments and the founders of the “decentralized” blockchains. Not so lately, we can see how Vitálik Buterin has been frequently govt-hopping and defending the WEF, how the banks are including crypto in credit and debit cards and even how some governments are advancing the public into educational blockchain plans. To think that the inclusion of cryptocurrency in the mass’ ordinary lives is of organic development is just laughable.

Grim future

The years around 2010 showed off lack of interest and trust from what today is -probably- a cryptoholder, and surely, uncertainty from the aforementioned organisms, in which they discredited Bitcoin using the means of communications, and prepared themselves by negotiating with the blockchain founders. Those that gave you pale looks when talking about such strange things, are now the most enthusiastic and talkative. Not so long ago, something similar happened with Facebook, where everyone blindly joined the platform. Approximately 10 years had to pass just for people to start realizing the evilness of the social media apparatus, and sadly, the same thing is going to happen with cryptocurrency: but this time leading us to permanent financial slavery. As corporations, governments and banks are in conjunction co-opting the technology and herding the cattle into the digitized financial space, those observing are going to start noticing some patterns which will confirm this grim prediction. In the long term, those which bought into the illusion, will also notice how pernicious it is: but not so after they get passively taxed through the NWO’s blockchain-based funds app (which will of course be developed by a submissive and robot-like ethnicity, probably indians or the chinese), until the changes get to an irreversible point.

Some years ago, NFT games were popular enough that even women became interested in them. Of course, this wasn’t because of the quality of the game but because of material pretensions. Everyone was making money which was worth another salary (at least in my country). In my opinion, this was one of the biggest causes most people are nowadays interested in crypto. Most relatives thought they were going to hit it big this time, because this was the best thing ever in the entire history of humanity and honestly some of them believed it was the new Bitcoin phenomena. Obviously, nobody learned anything about cryptocurrencies, blockchain or read any whitepaper, they instead learned how to register accounts in shady sites and how to handle cringy wallet browser extensions, and just in a few months after spending some hundreds of dollars in pixels, they ended up with a pixel priced in pennies. The money was gone, but the wronged idea of what cryptocurrency was supposed to be still persists, being that a way in which you can potentially create money out of money. In a way, it resembles gambling, though you might as well call it as such.

You might consider NFT games not a big deal, but in my case I took it as reference to confirm what I supposed: nobody cares. More so observing that close ones migrated to trading and some of them are now avid promoters of crypto, where some have taken jobs in the government. In countries where the economic context is relatively disastrous, the advocacy of cryptoslop is more effective than anywhere else, and that is one of the reasons why I presume everyone was so enthusiastic. As history shows, the 3rd world has always been the first playground of greater powers, which is natural, and the introduction of crypto is no exception, as observed in the case of El Salvador.

Gradually, we are going to start seeing more accentuated experiments. The obtuse communicators and unconscious shills which rows are constituted by mostly Libertarians and Anarcho-Cringism fellas, promoting the euphemism of “financial freedom”, will soon doom us to perdition if we don’t proactively do something. Thinking they are fighting the state, they will remove us from what is left of ACTUAL national economical sovereignty, only to create a vacuum of power that will naturally be occupied by another form of government, this time being more oppressive and severe.

Monero case

Few people give importance to these aspects and flaws, and those end up adopting the most philosophically adequate coin which is XMR, of which they in concordancy define as what BTC should be. And it is true, more so because the same discredit that Bitcoin suffered in the past is being now pointed at Monero: you will encounter many articles talking about how Bitcoin was the currency of criminals in the past, and how is Monero the currency of the criminals and hackers of the present. Sadly, if the awareness in these matters continues as it is, adopting Monero will not save us from the aforesaid slavery. If every provider, distributor, worker and service adopts the impositions of the NWO, are you going to be able to survive in a digitized financial world? You can always seclude yourself to a small community (which I wouldn’t mind) and use an isolated currency, but in no world you will be able to transact with the rest of your country or access its services if 99% of the citizens don’t value it. More so, if the government decides its illegal. The nearest case we have is the Vax ID, and it wouldn’t surprise me if our overlords run another psyop in the next years.

Whereas we can still use cash for transactions, like going to the butcher and getting some pounds of meat without compromising personal information, the world is being methodically prepared to interact within itself through a network of centralized applications, in which not only there will be a record of the transaction, but also of the buyer and seller’s name and surname, IP address, physical address, funds in account, and basically, every piece of personal information someone could name. What else could be more desirable for someone that wants to rule over you to have in his disposal something that is so easily and effortlessly manipulable? We can see the first experiments in China, that country that has mass surveillance and cameras with facial recognition in every corner. Oh yeah, but surely our western leaders are not taking note of how the Chinese are policing their country, since they hate each other so much.